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» Friday, February 29, 2008

10 Fun Q&A

Ten Fun Q&A !

Cravings...sweet or salty?

Sweet. Usually chocolate!

Desk...messy or organized?

Messy. or cat?


Sex...morning or evening?

Any time is fine if the mood is right ;-)

Parties...arrive early or late?

On time, usually.

TV...reality or scripted?


Movies...happy or sad...or scary?

Happy :-)

Jokes...punny or sarcastic?


Vacation...Alaska or Hawaii?

Hmm, this is a tough one. I'd love either. If I have to choose....Alaska, I think.

Friday home or out on the town?

At home, usually.

Have a great weekend!


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» Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yay! looks like the contest form is fixed

Contest form is fixed now, and spammers going to nowhere land. Yay!

No need to email me directly to enter my monthly contest - but do drop me an email if you want a free sneak peek of my October book, Immortals: The Crossing. Mac is hot in this one!


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Spammers really suck!

Spammer bots have been hitting the contest form on my website in large numbers, so my web people have added a spot on the form, asking the entrant to answer a simple question designed to send spammers to cyberhell.

The new form just went online last night, but unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with it, so until it's fixed, please send your contest entry directly to me at

This month's prize is an autographed copy of my urban fantasy romance, Immortals: The Awakening.



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» Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hear that giant sucking sound???

That would be me, coming up for air after finishing the manuscript for Immortals: The Crossing.

It'll be out in October 08. The hero is Manannan mac Lir (Mac to his friends) - Immortal Celtic demigod and surrogate son of sorts to Kalen, my Immortal warrior hero from Immortals: The Awakening.

Mac's heroine is Artemis Black, a death witch on a desperate mission, whom Mac pursues straight to Hell.

It's all in my editor's hands, now :-)

If you want a sneak peek of Immortals: The Crossing emailed directly to you in pdf form, just drop a note to me at and ask! Quick link at

What's up next? My novella for the Immortals: The Reckoning Anthology, which will be released Feb 2009. Another milestone - my very first vampire hero! He promises to be very alpha, and very sexy.

I don't have a name for this hottie yet - but I know he was born circa 1870 in Boston and was turned vampire in the 1890's in Paris.

Any suggestions?



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» Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Immortal Valentine

My husband gave me a fantastic holographic Captain Jack Sparrow Valentine's card this morning. So cool! Now I love my husband, and I love Johnny Depp (in different ways, obviously), but I couldn't help but notice the price of the card (wives are like that). $4.99 - the same price as The Grail King! For a card! And my other books are just one or two dollars more. Not even as much as two greeting cards.

Which only goes to show what a great deal mass market paperbacks are! Everyone, go rush out and buy a great book at a great price today! You'll get hours of entertainment, and make some author somewhere very, very happy.

And now my Immortal Valentine to you - the initial mockup of the cover art for the next round of Immortals books, pre-lettering. Four connected covers similar to last year's books, but in a new color scheme.

My October 08 book, Immortals: The Crossing, is in the upper right, with the Immortal Sidhe demigod Mac on the cover. Mac is so hot! The artist got him just right.

Jennifer Ashley's September 08 lead off book, Immortals: The Redeeming, is in the upper left. Jennifer's hero is Tain, the fallen Immortal brother who caused such trouble in the first round of Immortals books. He's a good guy now :-)

Robin T. Popp's November 08 book, Immortals: The Haunting, is in the lower left, and the February 09 Anthology, Immortals: The Reckoning, featuring novellas from all three of us, is in the lower right.

Can't wait for more Immortals adventure? Email me at and I'll send you a free sneak peek excerpt of Mac's book!

Happy Valentine's Day!


DEEP MAGIC: Druids of Avalon #2 Jan 08
Gwendolyn risks forbidden magic and forbidden love in her quest to forge a magical sword in Avalon's defense.

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» Friday, February 01, 2008

LOST again!

Well, my oven is fixed, and most of the other stuff. I'm into the final stretch in finishing the manuscript of my Oct book, Immortals: The Calling - my contribution to round two of the Immortals series I'm authoring with Jennifer Ashley and Robin Popp.

But the real news is, my favorite TV addiction is back! For seven more Thursdays, at least.

The LOST season premier (unfortunately a mini-season premier, due to the writers' strike) aired last night, and I have have to say, it did a great job of throwing more questions into the wind, without really supplying any answers to the ones that are already blowing around. I was sad to watch Charlie die again (over and over - for a dead guy, he sure had a lot of screen time). He was one of my faves. Glad he's getting some more mileage as Hurley's hallucination.

Big question - who are the "Oceanic Six," which I'm assuming means the six people who managed to get off the island. Jack, Hurley and Kate, for sure, from the flash forwards. Sawyer, because Kate mentioned him in last season's flash forward. That's four. Who else? Was the guy who died in last season's finale one of the Lostaways? I'm pulling for Ben to get off the island, but he wouldn't be one of the Oceanic Six, not having been on the plane.

Was the black man who visited Hurley in the mental hospital real? Other people saw him. Another patient saw Charlie, too. Is he an angel now? In service to the island?

Hurley says something or someone wants the Six to go back to the island. Jacob? The Island itself? The Hanso Organization?

Speaking of Jacob, who was in his hut with him when Hurley looked in the window? Is Jacob a puppetmaster, or a prisoner?

Who's the guy from the helicopter? Someone from the Dharma Initiative? Someone working for Penny's father? Maybe both?

What the heck does Locke know that we don't? His secret agenda just keeps getting longer and longer and longer.

Just six days until next Thursday...


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