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» Friday, February 01, 2008

LOST again!

Well, my oven is fixed, and most of the other stuff. I'm into the final stretch in finishing the manuscript of my Oct book, Immortals: The Calling - my contribution to round two of the Immortals series I'm authoring with Jennifer Ashley and Robin Popp.

But the real news is, my favorite TV addiction is back! For seven more Thursdays, at least.

The LOST season premier (unfortunately a mini-season premier, due to the writers' strike) aired last night, and I have have to say, it did a great job of throwing more questions into the wind, without really supplying any answers to the ones that are already blowing around. I was sad to watch Charlie die again (over and over - for a dead guy, he sure had a lot of screen time). He was one of my faves. Glad he's getting some more mileage as Hurley's hallucination.

Big question - who are the "Oceanic Six," which I'm assuming means the six people who managed to get off the island. Jack, Hurley and Kate, for sure, from the flash forwards. Sawyer, because Kate mentioned him in last season's flash forward. That's four. Who else? Was the guy who died in last season's finale one of the Lostaways? I'm pulling for Ben to get off the island, but he wouldn't be one of the Oceanic Six, not having been on the plane.

Was the black man who visited Hurley in the mental hospital real? Other people saw him. Another patient saw Charlie, too. Is he an angel now? In service to the island?

Hurley says something or someone wants the Six to go back to the island. Jacob? The Island itself? The Hanso Organization?

Speaking of Jacob, who was in his hut with him when Hurley looked in the window? Is Jacob a puppetmaster, or a prisoner?

Who's the guy from the helicopter? Someone from the Dharma Initiative? Someone working for Penny's father? Maybe both?

What the heck does Locke know that we don't? His secret agenda just keeps getting longer and longer and longer.

Just six days until next Thursday...


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