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» Friday, January 18, 2008

Help! My house is falling apart!

Don't know what's up with my house lately - one friend suggested a poltergeist. All I know is that for the last couple of weeks, things have been breaking all over! It started with the oven catching fire. This was not due to my cooking. The electric element at the bottom of the oven just snapped in two while the oven was in use and huge flames shot out. It was kind of scary, because even after we turned the oven off, a small fire kept burning at the break. The fire extinguisher did nothing - apparently it doesn't work on electrical fires. Finally, my husband flipped the breaker to the oven circuit and the fire went out. By that time, the police and fire department were there.

After that excitement, it seemed like other parts of the house felt left out and wanted more attention. The powder room toilet stopped working, then the garage door spring snapped (with an extremely loud bang). Things come in threes, right? Wrong. The next day I opened a kitchen cabinet and the hinge sheered right off, leaving the door swinging crookedly by the one remaining hinge. We also have two faucets that need replacing - one drips and the other sprays, but those don't count as recent casualties since I've been ignoring them for months.

On the upside, we just had our first ground-covering snowfall last night and everything looks really pretty outside.

Uh, oh. I'd better go check on the furnace....


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Blogger Michelle Kafka said...

So sorry to hear about your house. Hope all is well now.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Joy Nash said...

thanks, michelle,

Yes, thing are pretty much working now. Luckily, we didn't need a new kitchen range. Though the repairman tried to talk us into one. Said "most people with such an OLD stove just get a new one."

Is it just me, or does 11 years not seem THAT old for a kitchen range? Am I crazy to want the darn thing to last 20 years? All it needed was one new part. Geez!

3:14 PM  

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