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» Sunday, September 02, 2007

Introducing...the 2008 RT Faery Court...

A HUGE highlight of every Romantic Times Convention is the Thursday Evening Faery Ball. Hosted by authors Cheyenne McCray, Eden Robins, along with their bevy of be-winged and be-glittered Faery Court, the Faery Ball never fails to bring the magic of the Fae world to life. Next April, during the 2008 RT Convention in Pittsburgh, I'll have the honor of joining Chey's and Eden's Faery Court in hosting an Underwater Magic-themed Faery Ball.

There are more than twenty Fae in all--some are old friends, some are new. All are lovely and talented! I hope to introduce all the Fae and many of their books here before next April. This month, I have the pleasure of interviewing four members of the 2008 RT Faery Court - Liz Andrews, Brit Blaise, Taige Crenshaw, & Lynn Crain.

JN: Liz, Brit, Taige & Lynn - Welcome! I understand all four of you have books out this month, and they all have a paranormal twist. I want to hear all about them! Liz, you're up first.

Liz Andrews: My release is Shadow of Moonlight by Lena Matthews and Liz Andrews (ebook, Ellora's Cave). It's a werewolf romance. Remington's dedicated her life to protecting her Werewolf pack, and there isn't a Were alive who can make her put her own desires first. Then again, Jace McClellen isn’t an ordinary Werewolf--he possesses the strength of a Were, and the talent of seeing into the future, but not the ability to change to wolf form. Can Jace convince Remy she's his fated mate?

JN: Sounds cool! Can I ask, Liz, what's your favorite scene in Shadow of Moonlight?

Liz Andrews: I love the scene where Jace pulls Remy into his dreams to show her their future daughter.

JN: Ah, that's really sweet. Liz, if Remy were out shopping for the perfect outfit--in her human form, of course--what would she buy?

Liz Andrews: Camouflage pants and a tee shirt, definitely.

JN: A no-nonsense heroine--my favorite kind! Now let's hear about Brit's new book.

Brit Blaise: My September release is A Lady's Lessons (ebook, Amber Heat). It's a paranormal historical. What happens when a naive English woman discovers her handsome tutor with his pants down? Coming of age has never been more interesting than behind the great haw hedges of Grantman Manor.

JN: Whoa, that sounds...intriguing! What's your favorite scene in A Lady's Lessons?

Brit Blaise: As a third degree invisible, my hero Charles has his supernatural hands full. Not only is he entrusted to care for a young woman bent on blackmailing him, he has an army of sylphs to conquer, too.

JN: The poor guy! Brit, if your heroine were to place a personal ad for her soul mate, what would she write?

Brit Blaise: It might go something like this: Wanted...a not-exactly-human man who can save me from evil slyphs, immoral goblins and all manner of supernatural dementia.

JN: LOL! Sounds like a handy guy to have around--does he cook, too? I predict your book is going to be a big hit. Next up...drum roll...Lynn.

Lynn Crain: My book's another werewolf story! Night of the Blue Moon (ebook, Loose Id). A werewolf from the wrong side of the track, Cordy must keep her wits about her while training the boss's arrogant son, Connor. When Connor proves to be one sexy were, she learns the real meaning of loyalty.

JN: Oooh, I just love a rich, arrogant werewolf! Connor sounds yummy. Lynn, every writer has a muse. What does yours look like?

Lynn Crain: My muse is a Scotsman -- I think that says it all! ;-)

JN: Yep, I'd say a big, braw, kilted Scotsman standing next to my computer would be *very* inspiring! My last question for you, Lynn, is...if you were a witch, what animal would be your familiar?

Lynn Crain: It would be a toss up between a wolf and a huge orange cat, Joy. I love wolves for their aggressiveness when facing down an enemy and the pack. As far as cats go, they're smart and aloof, and yet they know *exactly* what’s happening around them all the time.

JN: Great answer. Good luck with Night of the Blue Moon, Lynn. Now, last, but not at all least...Taige.

Taige Crenshaw: My new book is called Golden Seduction (ebook, Ellora's Cave). Laila Brooks would much rather write computer code than risk looking for love, until a deck of Tarot Cards draws her into real life adventure--the search to save a man, find herself, and come out of her shell. Aleneic knows his time is running out. He must complete his quest or be sent back into a solitary existence. The fates have put him in the path of a woman who tempts him to do the one thing he dares not – hope.

JN: So Laila's the brainy type of heroine...Okay, let's pretend she's shopping at the mall for the perfect outfit to entice Aleneic. What does she buy?

Taige Crenshaw: On her way to the clothing store, Laila's distracted by the gadgets in the computer store next door. She can't resist going in for "just a second." Five hours later, she leaves the mall with a sackfull of electronic components for her special project--and no new clothes at all!

JN: Laila's one focused lady! So I wonder, what would happen if a genie gave Aleneic his dearest wish. What would he wish for?

Taige Crenshaw: More time. He needs that desperately.

JN: I sure hope Aleneic makes his deadline!

So there you have it, folks. Four talented authors with four hot books to burn up your September! Thanks for reading to the end of the interview.

Hope you'll all check back in October for another round of author interviews...

See ya next month,


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Thanks so very much for the mention! And way to go! All the country is buzzing about the Immortals!

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