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» Thursday, May 24, 2007

Not Penny's Boat

Well, how did everyone like the LOST season 3 finale???

I was sad to see one of my favorite characters die a horrible death, but very happy one of my all time faves dodged the bullet (literally). All in all a great end to a great season. Word is that we are halfway through. Three seasons to go and the producers say they already know what happens at the end. But I'm not sure I believe that.

Questions still to be answered (or maybe not):

Why didn't they just cut the big extension cord to the Looking Glass?

Why didn't Locke shoot Jack?

Will Jack regret not killing Ben?

Why didn't Tom kill Sayid, Bernard, & Jin?

Can Ben's eyes bug out any farther?

Speaking of eyes, why are there so few brown-eyed people on this island?

Why is Juliet so annoying?

Why does the Ageless One (aka Eyeliner Guy) listen to Ben?

Is Walt dead?

Will time travel be part of Season Four?

Was Juliet *really* joking when she mentioned aliens?

Does Jacob (aka Ben's Imaginary Friend) really need Locke's help?

Is Kate pregnant?

Will Sun die?

Does Kate look better with curly hair or straight hair?

How did Alex & Carl get matching big lips?

What happened to the numbers?

If the castaways get off the island, will the world they return to be the same one they left?

Can Sawyer get any hotter?

Can we pass a law that says Sayid's shirts can never have sleeves?

And lastly...if that's not Penny's boat, whose is it?


Joy Nash


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