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» Thursday, February 15, 2007

Getting LOST again

How are all the LOST fans liking the resumed season?

I was VERY happy to be out of the Others' camp this week and back on the beach. I'm not much into the torture thing, and I just had trouble with the whole Ben's-spine-tumor subplot. Ben is creepy, Julie is creepier, and just what is the point of torturing Jack into submission so that he'd operate on Ben, when he would have done it in a heartbeat if they had just asked him nicely?

And btw, what the heck ever happened to Ms. Klu? Did the producers decide since the token African American, Michael, had left the island, that the tall, interesting black woman in the Others' camp should just inexplicably disappear, too?

IMO, after an incredible first season, the show really floundered last year, with new characters thrown in and killed off with a rapidity that made my head spin. Meanwhile, some of my favorites were almost completely forgotten.

So I was happy to leave the Jack-Kate-Sawyer thing behind and get back to Charlie, Hurley, and Desmond. Still not enough of Sayid, though (sigh). Anyhoo, the ending of last night's episode was a cool twist!

I really, really, hope Desmond is mistaken about Charlie...


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