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» Friday, January 26, 2007

Weird News

There's some weird news out there today, kids!

I think my favorite is the scientist in North Carolina who has developed a caffeinated doughnut. What a great idea - now there'll be TWO places to get your fat, sugar, and caffeine all in one shot - chocolate AND doughnuts!

The "You Go, Grandma!" award goes to Nell Hamm, a 65 year old hiker who saved her 70 year old husband from a mountain lion. When the cat pounced and grabbed Nell's husband's head in its teeth, Nell beat the cat with a log, then poked a pen in its eye in an attempt to get the animal to let hubby go. When the pen bent in half (I guess mountain lions have tough eyes) she started in beating with the log again until the lion, apparently deciding the meal wasn't worth a headache, gave up and moved off. Latest reports say that Jim Hamm is fine and still wants to take the trip to New Zealand he and his wife have planned. Where hopefully they won't get attacked by anything more vicious than sheep.

In other news, a very polite naked man has been saying hi to fellow joggers in a California park, a 29 year-old guy has passed himself off as a 12-year-old at two different Arizona middle schools (did he shave during his lunch period?), and lonely single Welsh dairy farmers are putting their pictures on their milk cartons in hopes of finding a date.

Beats the stories on the front page, anyway!

Until next Friday...

Joy Nash


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