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» Friday, January 19, 2007

The World of IMMORTALS

I've been getting a lot of emails asking about Immortals, so I thought I'd fill in some of the details...

Immortals is a four book contemporary paranormal series from Dorchester Publishing. The World of Immortals is the brainchild of Jennifer Ashley, who's written the launch book and the conclusion. The middle two books are by Robin T. Popp and myself.

Immortals launches in May with The Calling, continues in June with The Darkening, in August with The Awakening, and concludes in September with The Gathering.

Time and Place: Now, on Earth--but the Earth of Immortals is not the one you know! Magic and magical creatures are commonplace. Humans get cozy with demons, vampires, Sidhe, or werewolves...and many other magical creatures.

Magic: There are two kinds: Life Magic and Death Magic. These eternal forces must exist in balance for humans to thrive. While humans can practice both kinds of magic, magical creatures are aligned with one force or another. On the Life side: Sidhe, Werewolves and other shapeshifters. In service to Death: demons, vampires, Unseelies, and zombies.

The Immortal Warriors: Five big, bad, sexy warrior demigods/brothers who have existed since ancient times. Their mothers are different aspects of the Mother Goddess, their fathers were five human priests from various cultures and times. The Immortals were created to champion the fledgling human race against the forces of Death Magic. All five Immortals fulfilled this purpose until the Middle Ages when, mysteriously, they disappeared from human affairs.

The Immortals are:

Born: 2500 BC,
Mother Goddess: Isis (Egyptian Goddess of Life)
Weapon: Sword that morphs into a cobra
Special skill: Ability to calm (tranquilize) with his mind

Born: 1500 BC
Mother Goddess: Sekhmet (Egyptian Warrior Goddess)
Weapons: His body tattoos become real weapons
Special skill: Ability to make 2D objects become 3D

Born: 968 BC
Mother Goddess: Uni (Queen Goddess of the Etruscans)
Weapon: Crystal-tipped spear
Special skill: Ability to apparate over long distances

Born: 325 BC
Goddess: Kali (Hindu Goddess of Creation and Destruction)
Weapon: Sword that bursts into flame
Special skill: Affinity with animals

Born: AD 72
Goddess: Cerridwen (Celtic Goddess of Wisdom)
Weapon: Roman Short Sword
Special Skill: Healing

The Problem: Death Magic has suddenly begun overtaking Life Magic in a big way. If this trend keeps up, humans will become the hopeless slaves of demons and death creatures in dark and dismal world. The world's only hope? The Immortals.

The Coven of Light: A world-wide online network of Light witches who work to unravel the clues leading to the vanished Immortals:

The Witches are:

Amber Silverthorne: A Seattle witch investigating the suspicious death of her sister, Amber falls into the middle of Adrian's search for his missing brother Tain in Immortals: The Calling.

Lexi Corvin: Witch, werewolf, and bounty hunter, Lexi tracks evil--and Darius--through the vampire clubs of New York City in Immortals: The Darkening.

Christine Lachlan: An American witch eking out a living as an artist in Italy, Christine gets more than she bargains for when she travels to Scotland to find the recluse Kalen in Immortals: The Awakening.

Leda Stowe: An exotic-animal handler living in Mexico, Leda is drawn by Hunter into the final race to save the world in Immortals: The Gathering.

And don't forget the cool IMMORTAL Book Trailer on !
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