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» Friday, July 27, 2007

Author Interview - Andrea Wilder

In the first of what I hope will be many author interviews, I'd like to introduce debut author Andrea Wilder. Andrea's first novel, FEARLESS, is an August 2007 release from Dorchester Love Spell. I was lucky enough to read this book pre-release, and I loved it! FEARLESS is a paranormal historical romance set in Ireland, with the perfect blend of history and magic.

Andrea, thanks for taking the time to visit! First, tell us about getting "The Call." When did it happen? Where were you? How did you react?

AW: I use my cell phone for business because with two kids in the house, I don’t always get my messages. I was checking my voicemail at work and heard, “Andrea, this is Alicia Condon of Dorchester. If FEARLESS is still available, I’d like to buy it.” I had to replay it a few times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. When I screamed, two of my co-workers came running in thinking I’d seen a mouse or something. Slightly embarrassing. The next morning, I contacted Deidre Knight, and she set me up with Elaine Spencer. So, after 3 years of trying to sell this “unusual” book, in the span of a day I had a publishing contract and a great agent. It took about a week for everything to really sink in.

Sounds like a very productive day! Tell us more about FEARLESS.

AW: FEARLESS is a medieval romance with faeries and Celtic lore woven through the story. It takes place in the 15th century during Ireland’s struggle for independence from England. It’s the story of an Irish chieftain and the half-fae woman who rescues him from a lonely death. The ambitions of others—both mortal and fae—threaten them at every turn, and they learn that in the face of treachery, love must be fearless.

Where did you get the idea for the story, and what was the element of that first flash of inspiration that grabbed you and wouldn't let go?

AW: I was driving to work one morning, listening to a Garth Brooks album. His song “Ireland” came on, and this image started spinning in front of my eyes of a small band of warriors fighting a losing battle. When I got to work, I started typing. Fifteen minutes later, I had the opening scene. From that very first vision, the characters came in so clearly, I just followed them through the story.

LOL, let's hope you didn't get into an accident that morning! The hazards of being a novelist, I guess. What will we love most about your hero in FEARLESS?

AW: Kieran MacAuley is a warrior to the core, completely dedicated to freeing Ireland. He’s the kind of man who does what needs to be done, not from a love of fighting, but out of duty. Cunning and intelligent, he’s also compassionate and fiercely loyal to those he’s sworn to protect. Those qualities make him my favorite of the heroes I’ve created.

I agree, Kieran is a very sexy hero, and his sense of honor and loyalty is a big part of his appeal. Now tell us more about the paranormal aspects of your story.

AW: Because of its Celtic traditions, Ireland is steeped in legends. In Fearless, the heroine Brynna is the half-mortal daughter of Maire, the faery queen of Meath. The queen’s other daughters are frequent visitors, and King Ronan has his own shadowy agenda. While the faeries have considerable powers, Kieran and Brynna manage to hold their own.

As a historical author, what do you imagine the best and worst things about living in your story's time period and setting are?

AW: Best? Quiet. Worst? No showers.

If you could choose your own magical talent, what would it be?

AW: Hmm, good question. I think teleporting would be neat, so I could go anywhere I wanted without driving or waiting at the airport.

What's up next for you?

AW: Right now, my second book is making the rounds of publishers. It’s another Irish medieval but is set in a different time and place, with a whole new cast of characters. My next project will either be a historical or contemporary, whichever my new editor would like to have.

Good luck, and may the gods and goddesses of manuscript submission smile on you! Andrea, how can readers find you online, and is there anything else you want us to know?

AW: My website is the easiest way to find me. Thanks so much for having me in. It was fun!

Andrea, thanks again for visiting! Here's wishing you mega-sales for FEARLESS!


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