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» Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hot Summer Reads - Madam of the House

Ready for summer??? Here's my first recommendation for your summer reading list--Donna Birdsell's Madam of the House from Harlequin Next. This book is a riot! You do not want to miss it.

40 year-old real estate agent Cecilia Katz's day-trading ex-husband has left her flat broke and desperate to raise big dollars to keep her autistic child in his expensive special needs boarding school. To her clients and colleagues, Cecilia is known as the "Madam of the Million-Dollar Deal," but a depressed real estate market has left her trademark mega-mansions languishing. So what's a down-on-her-luck real estate agent to do with a vacant, secluded, ostentatious, fully furnished McMansion that just will not sell?

How about a little sideline "risky business?"

Cecilia realizes she knows a lot of 40-something women who would pay ready cash for a few hours of fun with younger men. Faced with a nasty school principal demanding she pay her son's past due account yesterday, Cecilia ignores her screaming conscience and enlists the help of her young, good-looking male assistant (the one who's crushing on her) in an after-hours scheme involving the vacant mansion, older women, and young, studly college guys looking to raise a little tuition cash. First step--"charm school"--to rub off the youngsters' rough edges. Then--the party to end all parties. But when things take a turn for the unexpected, the simple fiesta turns waaaay complicated.

If you don't like to laugh, don't open this book! But if you're headed for the beach, pool, lake, or campground this summer--or even to your own back yard--don't sit down without Madam of the House in your hot little hands. With romance, mystery, and non-stop laughs, you can't go wrong.




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