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» Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Interview: Cheyenne McCray and Kayla Janz!

Anyone who’s been to a Romantic Times convention knows that the Faery Ball is a highlight of a week of fabulous parties. Food, decorations, costumes—it’s the best! Who are the beauty and brains behind the ball? A pair of lovely and talented paranormal authors – Cheyenne McCray and Eden Robbins. Next April in Pittsburgh, Chey and Eden will lead a Court of twenty-one Fae authors in hosting an incredible underwater fantasy party.

Today’s blog features Faery Queen Cheyenne McCray, along with author Kayla Janz, who - like me - is a new member of the Faery Court. (Faery Virgins, I believe they call us )

JN: Welcome, Chey! Can you tell us a little about the origins of the Romantic Times Faery Court. When did it start? How did the event evolve into the gala I’ve attended in the past few years?

Cheyenne McCray: Eden Robins and I put together a mixer at the 2005 RT Convention. It was so successful that we decided to look into putting together a dinner. With a suggestion from Kathryn Falk, the founder and owner of the Romantic Times BOOKreviews magazine, we came up with the Faery Court idea as a fun way for authors to become more visible in the public eye. Not to mention another great Romantic Times Booklovers Convention party!

JN: Kayla, you're new to the court. Last year in Houston I had major "wing envy" when I saw the gorgeous fluttering Fae costumes at the Faery Ball. Pittsburgh is six months away, but already I'm obsessing about what to where. Have you started planning a fabulous costume yet?

Kayla Janz: I certainly have! I've going dress "window" shopping, but I haven't settled on anything yet. I couldn't be more excited about my first year as a Faery Court member! The 2008 Faery Ball is going to be amazing. I can hardly wait.

JN: Chey, I love your paranormal "Witches" series. Your D'Anu with heroines and Tuatha D'Danann warrior heroes team up to fight demons and other nasties with kick-ass style! Wicked Magic, which came out in September, is the third book in the USA Today Bestselling series, followed by your novella "Breath of Magic" in this month's No Rest for the Witches anthology from St. Martin's Press. Tell us a little about the mythology behind your books.

Cheyenne McCray: I use some Celtic mythology in this series. The D’Danann, Fomorii demons, the dark god and dark goddess all come from Celtic mythology. I’ve put my own twist on all of the beings and created my own “world.” In the Witches series, my D’Anu witches, Pagan descendents of the Ancient Druids, live and practice in modern-day San Francisco. A warlock who worships the old god Balor, brings forth demons and a wicked, wicked goddess who threaten the city and every person in it. The Tuatha D’Danann warriors answer the D’Anu witches’ plea for help and come from Otherworld to fight the horrors threatening the city.

JN: Chey, you're in good company with the Not Rest for the Witches anthology. You join authors MaryJanice Davidson, Lori Handeland, and Christine Warren. Tell us about your story in the anthology.

Cheyenne McCray: In "Breath of Magic," San Francisco's witches find themselves embroiled in an epic battle. But even if D'Anu witch Sydney can use her sultry ways and ancient Druid powers to save the world, can she risk losing her heart to handsome warrior Conlan?

JN: Kayla, your latest from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid comes out November 1. Can you give us a sneak peek?

Kayla Janz: I'd love to! Heart of Glass is Book 2 in my Right Man...Right Now series! (Book 1, The Perfect Package, is also available) In Heart of Glass, Kendra Mills has a secret thing for down-n-dirty rockers. She's never acted on impulse until she met Nick Satorre, bass player for the band Shattered Dreams. Leather-clad, long-haired Nick holds the key to unlocking all Kendra's hidden passions. He can rock her world, but does he have staying power?

Nick’s dreams of becoming a famous rock star are about to come true, but at the worst possible time. Love or fame – Nick’s got to choose. Will he live up to his band’s name and shatter Kendra’s dreams? Or will Kendra’s heart of glass bind him forever?

Love and music create the most beautiful harmony!

JN: Wow, this book sounds h-o-t! How did you get the idea for the story?

Kayla Janz: LOL. A conversation about sex toys with another authors started the series.

JN: Hmmm...I'd have liked to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation! What else can you tell us about the story -- um, without setting my blog on fire, that is!

Kayla Janz: I love music and have always had a thing for long-haired guys. In this story I got to combine two of my favorites. I also love how Kendra fantasized about Nick, turning him into a bad-boy-rocker-pirate in her dreams!

JN: Her dreams and mine! Kayla, are your books available in both eformat and print?

Kayla Janz: Yes, Joy, they are! All my titles are available in multiple e-formats as well as trade paperback. Readers can find them at as well as at and

JN: As an (insane?) author, I always end up with the feeling that my characters are real people, and are continuing the story on their own after the book ends. Chey and Kayla - when your books are over, the baddies gone, and the hero and heroine catch their breaths, where do they decide to go for a much-needed vacation?

Cheyenne McCray: Sydney and Conlan take off for a quick trip to the Celtic Otherworld--just a few days at the most. There are more demons and a dark goddess left to eliminate in San Francisco, after all!

Kayla Janz: Since Nick is newly famous, he and Kendra go somewhere quiet and sultry, and hide in their hotel room, or on a secluded beach. I'm thinkin' Barbados or Mexico. After a quick stop in Vegas to get married, of course!

JN: Chey and Kayla, where can your readers find you online?

Cheyenne McCray:

Kayla Janz:, and

JN: Great! Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you all liked my visit with Cheyenne McCray and Kayla Janz!


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