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» Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Mischief Night's not a big event anymore, like it was when I was a kid. But we do get a little activity in our neighborhood - the occasional TP'd tree, or some soaped car windows.

But last night was creepy! In a good way. I went out around 9 to pick up my daughter. As I was driving up the street, I saw three male figures standing near the street corner. Not together in a group, but about 10 feet away from each other, just...


Very still.

Looking at me.

I flipped on my lights to get a better look...and all three were wearing white face masks! They didn't move at all as I drove by.

Gave me a shiver! And a smile :-)

Happy Halloween to all! Watch out for those trick-or-treaters tonight! Let's keep all the kids safe.


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» Wednesday, October 01, 2008

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Update: As of Monday October 6, all books have been mailed to the winners. Congrats to all!

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