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» Friday, December 29, 2006

Pink Betty?

This week brought one of those great "mom" know, when your kid asks a question you REALLY don't know what to tell him. Like when you're watching TV and a Viagra commercial comes on.

This week's fun happened at the hair salon, where I'd brought my sons (10 & 11) for haircuts. We were waiting for the stylist when the younger one looks over at a shelf of beauty products and asks me what the "black, brown, blonde, auburn, and pink betty" is for.

So I look and there are a bunch of little boxes with line drawings of a woman's torso with a brightly colored bikini bottom, and at the top of the box it says "color for the hair down there." (You can check it out for yourself at

OMG! Color me clueless, but I never knew they had special hair dye just for THAT!

Meanwhile, my son's waiting expectantly for an answer.

So I tell him: Umm, ummm---oh LOOK! Here comes the hair cut lady!

(Dodged that teaching moment pretty well, I thought.)

Chalk one up for ol' mom.

Until next Friday...

Joy Nash

» Friday, December 22, 2006

See the new IMMORTALS trailer!

It's heeeeeeere..........! The IMMORTALS website, featuring an awesomely cool book trailer!

Besides the trailer, check out the other fun stuff on the site - a blurb about each book in the series and some background info on the totally hot Immortals themselves - Adrian, Darius, Kalen, Hunter, and their rogue brother, Tain.

Also, don't miss the IMMORTALS MYSPACE site:

Now that I've *just* turned in my final edits on the manuscript, I can enjoy the countdown to the series release on May 1, 2007!

Until next Friday...

Joy Nash

» Friday, December 08, 2006

OMG - only 17 days to Christmas!!!!

only 17 days 'till Christmas, and time's even shorter for my Jewish friends, with Hanukkah right around the corner. So how's everyone doing with their holiday stress?

I'm not too stressed, I guess, mostly because I'm abandoning the ideal of the "Perfect Christmas" this year. I'm completely disorganized with shopping--I keep buying presents, but I'm not too clear about what goes to who. It's all in a big pile upstairs. Recently both the toaster oven and the blender broke, so guess what my husband and I are giving each other for Christmas?

The decorating's pretty sparse so far - I threw up some lights in the front yard, mostly so my neighbors wouldn't think I was a total spaz, but inside, the only thing I've put up is a pine cone wreath that my daughter made last year. I'm thinking about a tree, but who knows when I'll get around to that? My big accomplishment so far is remembering by Dec 2 that I had bought an advent calendar a couple months ago. Some years I end up opening the first dozen windows all at once.

I floated the idea of going out to a restaurant on Christmas Day to the DH and kids, maybe to a Japanese hibachi restaurant. How did that go over? All I got were incredulous stares and a couple of laughs. Looks like it'll be turkey and cranberry sauce at home as usual. Unless the Bumpuses' dogs' come in and steal the bird.

Writing (and deadlines) will do that to you. Normal life drops right off the radar. Right now I'm deep into my second Druids of Avalon book, Deep Magic, and I've sworn to myself that the first draft will be done by Jan 1. And then there are revisions to tackle for Immortals: The Awakening, and a synopsis for my third Druids of Avalon book to turn in at some point (sooner, rather than later). And oh, yeah, keeping up with this blog...

But I do love Christmas. The big party for my extended family's Christmas is next weekend, and I'll be spending the entire day before the party making Italian honey cookies from a ridiculously complicated family heirloom recipe, in my memory of my mother. (After all, I'm the only one out of six kids who learned how to make them, and it's just not Christmas without those cookies!) And this is only the second Christmas without Mom, since she died just over a year ago. Making her favorite recipes helps me feel close to her.

Traditions? My favorite one is Christmas Eve, when my daughter and I (and sometimes the males in the family) watch "It's a Wonderful Life." Someday I'm going to figure out how George Bailey can toss off so many insults to all and sundry and still have everyone love him so much. Well, maybe everyone except for ZuZu's teacher and her husband.

Good luck with your own holiday preparations! Remember to take some time out, put up your feet and READ!

Until next Friday...

Joy Nash