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» Friday, August 28, 2009


Whooohooo! I'm headed to DRAGONCON!!

If you're one of the bajillion heading to Atlanta on Labor Day weekend (and especially if you happen to be PATRICK STEWART, LEONARD NIMOY, WILLIAM SHATNER or KATE MULGREW, lol), be sure and stop by my booth for a chat!

You can find me with the with the

Bump in the Night Authors
Marriot Marquis, Marquis Ballroom, Booth 707.

I'll be hanging with authors Susan Kearney, Susan Sizemore, Caridad Pineiro, and Raz Steel. We'll be signing books and also giving a bunch of stuff away. And don't miss Dorchester Publishing's Kindle Giveaway - loaded with your choice of three books by Dorchester DragonCon authors. Raz Steel and I will have details available at the booth.

If you're not up for DragonCon this year - don't despair. Stop by my website and check out my special DragonCon book giveaway contest, going on all month.

See you in Atlanta!

Joy Nash

Available October 27!

Silver Silence: Druids of Avalon #3

When the wizard Myrddin spirits Breena away to the future, Rhys follows

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» Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why can't men see mold? (or dust, or dirt, or...)

I returned home recently from a week+ at the beach with the kids - the DH had to work, so he didn't come with us.

Here's what I found in my poor house after 9 womanless days:

In the basement: Glass with an inch of juice and a quarter inch of green and black mold in the bottom, abandoned by one of the kids (no one is owning up to it) and subsequently unseen by their father, even though it sat just a few feet from his computer.

On the kitchen counter: Unopened bag of potato bread hamburger rolls, completely covered in green mold inside the bag. DH didn't notice it.

In the breakfast nook: I left an antique glass milk bottle filled with flowers from the garden - they flowers were just about dead before I left, but I forgot to throw them out. There they sat, right next to the table where DH ate his meals, growing slime and mold in the clear glass bottle just a couple feet from his head. He never noticed.

In the refrigerator: Two cartons of sour milk. Not sure what DH was putting on his cereal in the AM.

To be fair, my husband does do his share (and more!) of cooking, laundry, and grocery shopping. And I'm sure that if he noticed dirt and mold, he would do something about it. He just doesn't notice it.

I swear, it must be something on the Y chromosome. Anyone else notice this phenomenon?