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Joy Nash is a USA Today Bestselling Author and RITA Award Finalist applauded by Booklist for her "tart wit, superbly crafted characters, and sexy, magic-steeped plots."

» Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ready for a wee bit of Scots magic?

I've written a fun novella! If you've every sighed over a sexy romance hero and wondered what he'd be like in real life--well, I've got news for you. It might not turn out to be quite what you think. That's what happens to Raye Munroe.

Raye loves Ian, her accountant husband, but running a business together sucks up all their time, drains their bank account, and tosses ice cubes on their sexy times. These days the only romance in Raye's life comes courtesy of her favorite romance novel hero, Highlander Kieran MacDonald. 
When an impulsive wish combines with a wee bit of Scots magic, Ian disappears and Kieran--in the flesh!--takes Ian's place. Did Raye get what she wanted? Or more than she bargained for? 

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