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» Friday, September 09, 2016

A Nephilim Series Glossary

 Nephilim, Nephil – The Nephilim (plural): a race of cursed human/demon hybrid beings, descended from an ancient group of fallen angels. Nephil (singular): one of the Nephilim.

The Watchers – A group of 200 angels who lived on Earth circa 3000 BCE. The Watchers were cursed by Heaven after they took human women as wives. This forbidden union produced the cursed race known as the Nephilim.

The curse of the Nephilim was delivered by the archangel Raphael. It removed their souls and limited their maximum lifespan to 120 years, with no hope of an afterlife. The curse also causes Nephil clans to war amongst themselves. If they ever got together, the fragments of Heavenly magic—divided amongst the Nephil clans—might be reunited. And that might not be such a good thing.

Oblivion – The state of hopeless and eternal non-being awaiting the Nephilim after death. To be avoided and delayed at all costs.

The Ordeal – a physical and mental transformation process by which a dormant Nephil becomes adept. During the Ordeal, a Nephil gains full magical powers, including the ability to shapeshift into demon form. A failed Ordeal results in death or insanity.

Adept – An adult Nephil, who has completed the Ordeal and gained full magical powers.

Dormant – A young Nephil who hasn't yet gained full magical powers via the Ordeal.

Guide – The adept who assists a transitioning dormant through the Ordeal. Without a guide, a transitioning Nephil has very little chance of surviving the Ordeal with his/her life and sanity intact.

Enthrallment – Enslavement. A Nephil adept is most easily enthralled by his/her guide upon exiting the Ordeal. A defeat in battle may also allow the victorious adept to enthrall the defeated one, but this is much less certain. Enthrallment can only be broken by the death of master or thrall. 

Near-death experience (NDE) – An NDE, experienced by a Nephil dormant, triggers the Ordeal. If a post-puberty dormant doesn't experience a NDE and subsequent Ordeal, his/her cells mutate, causing cancer and an early death.

Ancestral Memories – Memories of Nephil adepts who are now in Oblivion, all that remain of a Nephil after death. Ancestral memories become accessible to direct descendants during and after the Ordeal.

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