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» Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What's funny about social injustice?

This GISHWHES task seemed simple but turned out to be my hardest one:

#91 Find a little-known, but widely problematic social injustice and come up with a funny analogy for it. Use Photoshop to create an illustration of the analogy. The more ridiculous the better. Bonus points if John Oliver appears in your Photoshopped image. Tweet the image and a brief explanation of the problem to @iamjohnoliver and @gishwhes. Submit a screenshot of your tweet.
I was floundering around for an idea that wouldn't be completely inappropriate--I mean, what's funny about social injustice?? Nothing!! I happened to read an article about a female judge in Kentucky who was appalled when a woman came into her courtroom with no pants, because she couldn't obtain feminine sanitary products in jail. Ugh!! I can't even imagine. I did a little research and found out that this is a disgustingly common problem, one that is actually exploited for profit by for-profit prisons, who, just because they can, will charge high prices for these basic female necessities to women who clearly can't afford even the regular prices. 

I eventually I came up with this, my final GISHWHES submission. Maybe John Oliver will tackle this issue on his show:

 And that's all for this year's hunt! I'm already looking forward GISHWHES 2017!!

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