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» Monday, August 08, 2016

GISHWHES! (or, WTF I Did on My Summer Vacation)

GISHWHES is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It's been a charity project of Supernatural actor Misha Collins for the past five years.

How it works is you sign up and Misha gives you ridiculous tasks to do for a week. I've followed GISHWHESers on Twitter for the past two years, but this year I actually signed up for a team!

A quick TV news video about GISHWHES here

My GISHWHES week goes something like this:

Prehunt: Team Assignments!  Since I don't have 14 zany friends within reach, I signed up for a global team. I'm grouped with six women from South Africa, one woman from Australia, and seven other women from the US, for a team total of 15 crazies. We quickly form a facebook group. Go girls!

Day 1 (July 30) - The list of 150+ tasks go up, to be split among team members. The tasks range from simple to impossible and from public to private. I ambitiously sign up for 14 tasks, mostly the creative ones that can be done in secret, but a couple public ones as well. I start gathering props.

Day 2  My sister and niece arrive at the airport. Conveniently, one task requires an airport setting. Check!

Day 3  Tech issues! I need an Imgur account to upload photos of my completed tasks! And I need to set the uploads to "hidden" to make sure the world doesn't see them before the end of the hunt!

Day 3-5 pass in a blur as I try to complete all the projects. Creativity definitely required! Family, friends, and complete strangers are laughing at me but I'm too busy to notice.

Day 6 - I've got a wedding to attend tomorrow, so everything's got to be finished and uploaded today! I'm forced to abandon a few tasks, like making and modeling a glam corn-husk evening dress. (Sob)

Day 7 - Aug 6 - the hunt ends tonight!

Day 8 - Starting today, I can post my GISHWHES submissions to the world!

Get ready, world...

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