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» Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Stalking Captain Kirk...

Usually William Shatner competes in GISHWHES!! In fact, I first became aware of the hunt a couple years ago after following an escalating (fake) flame war between Bill with Misha Collins. This year Shatner bowed out, but Misha wasn't about to let him get out of GISHWHES completely...

Task 157 William Shatner opted out of the Hunt this year due to “scheduling conflicts” (which we all know is code for “trouble in bromance paradise”). Help Shatner realize the egregious mistake he made by skipping the 2016 hunt by sending him 3 photo postcards featuring highlights of this year’s Hunt experience with “Having a wonderful time! Gish you were here, Bill!” Submit a photo of the 3 cards stamped and addressed to Bill. You can all ask him for his mailing address on twitter. He’d like that, I’m sure. 

Bill did helpfully post his address on Twitter, so I sent him these...

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