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» Monday, August 08, 2016

Water and love notes

Day 2 of GISHWHES was time to get a few easier tasks out of the way:

Writing love notes to my husband (he loved them)...

Task #1 There’s something you used to do for your significant other when you first met them. Something that made them smile… It’s been years since you did this. Do it now.

...and providing a year's worth of clean water to a family in Kenya for just a few dollars...


Task #149 Someone near you doesn’t have access to clean drinking water. Provide that person with the means to access clean water without purchasing bottled water (this might be by giving the person a filter, or a solar tea kettle, or something like that). If no one near you needs clean drinking water, we have something called the all-powerful Interwebs. You can buy a family clean drinking water for a year:

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