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» Friday, April 24, 2009

Got Star Trek?

Got my advance tickets for the new STAR TREK movie, out May 7!! It'll be a family affair - my my husband and I have managed to instill our Star Trek obsession in our kids. Nature or Nurture? Probably a little of both. Baby geeks don't fall far from the geek tree.

Between now and May 7, my daughter is determined to turn her boyfriend, who has never (Never! Can you imagine????) seen a single Star Trek episode or movie, into a fan. To that end, she's planning a Star Trek The Original Series (TOS) marathon.

It was fun going through the DVDs with my kids and picking out the best of TOS! And so hard to come up with a short list. But we did, and here it is, our top 11 TOS episodes, plus one DS9 hybrid:

TOS Season 1
  • The Naked Time - the Enterprise crew contracts a virus that outs all their secret emotions and desires. Nurse Chapel makes a pass at Spock, and Sulu runs through the corridors with a sword...
  • Miri - My kids insisted on this one, where Kirk et al visit a Lord of the Flies type planet where all the grown-ups are dead. Bonk bonk on the head, bonk bonk!
  • Arena - Captain Kirk battles the Gorn, a dinosaur-like intelligent life form who's about as scary looking as Barney.
  • Space Seed - featuring Ricardo Montalban as Kahn! This episode is the set up for the Star Trek "Wrath of Kahn" movie.
  • Devil in the Dark - The Horta, a dangerous, grief-crazed silicone-based life form, is nothing more than a dirty blanket with a guy underneath. Look closely and you can even see the fringe!
  • City on the Edge of Forever - Reportedly William Shatner's favorite episode, and one of the more poignant ones. Kirk goes back to the 1930s earth and falls in love with a peace activist. He's got to let her die, or else Hitler will win WWII and change the timeline.

TOS Season 2
  • Amok Time - Spock's seven year itch. 'Nuff said!
  • Trouble with Tribbles - this goofy fan-inspired episode is everyone's favorite. As an added bonus, we'll watch the Deep Space 9 Season 5 episode "Trials and Tribbilations" in which the DS9 crew travel back in time and get mixed up in the original TOS series footage of the Trouble with Tribbles episode. Very clever!
  • Piece of the Action - Kirk and crew blend in with 1920's Chicago gangsters

Season 3
  • Spock's Brain - One of my personal favs. Aliens kidnap Spock's brain to run their planet wide computer. Kirk has to figure out how to rescue him, and McCoy has to figure out how to reattach Spock's brain to his body.
  • Specter of the Gun - Kirk and Spock in a gunfight at the OK Corral!

Live Long and Prosper!


Coming May 26!

A Little Light Magic

Summer at the Jersey Shore has never been so hot!

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Blogger Colleen Thompson said...

You mentioned most of my favorite episodes. I'm with you in your geekhood!

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