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» Monday, April 20, 2009

Got Talent?

I love this video of Susan Boyle singing on Britain's Got Talent, the UK version of American Idol.

Susan, who is a woman you probably wouldn't give a second glance at if you passed her on the street, steps onstage looking hopeful and very normal. Since I was raised in the if-you-can't-say-something-nice-about-someone-don't-say-anything-at-all school of social etiquette, and I don't generally watch this kind of show, I'm actually appalled at the open mockery the judges and audience heap on her. My mother, God rest her soul, would *not* approve.

Then the music starts, and Susan's beautiful voice takes wing. The shock on the faces of the spectators is comical. Simon Cowell's jaw just about hits the floor.

The video got me thinking about the high value we put on superficial beauty. Why are we so shocked when someone who isn't beautiful is talented? It's not as though beauty and talent are carried on the same chromosome. My guess is since we're constantly bombarded by media with images of beautiful, talented, successful people, we've absorbed the twisted message that without beauty, we can't be talented or successful.

Now we all love Susan, because she's made us believe in ourselves and in each other. I wonder what talents the perfectly normal people around me are hiding?

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Blogger Raonaid Luckwell said...

Friend of mine sent me the youtube of this. My mother raised me better, to see what's within than outside appearance.

I honestly did not know who Elaine Page was but I was appalled by how the judges and crowd behaved to her words.

Then to see the faces on the judges, especially Simon, I cackled in glee for her. It'll show those people who judges people by their looks alone! I loved how sassy she was with Simon on the age deal, and then to see Simon do a turn around and kissed arse.

7:25 PM  
Blogger VickieC said...

I dont watch that show either for the same reasons,I just hope she doesnt change herself too much,people liked her just the way she was


7:27 AM  
Blogger carmens007 said...

You are absolutely right about the media that fills people's heads with stereotypes !
It all goes well with the saying"Don't judge the book by its cover!"

4:10 AM  

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