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» Friday, May 12, 2006

The guys with the biggest swords always get the girls...

Today I'm blogging about Immortals, Dorchester Publishing's hot paranormal continuity series launching in May 2007. Each book in the series will feature a hero with a REALLY

(Yeah, that's it. Sword.)

Immortals begins and ends with installments by its creator, Jennifer Ashley. Robin Popp and yours truly, Joy Nash, round out the series.

Here's the lineup:

The Calling by Jennifer Ashley (May 07)
The Darkening by Robin Popp (June 07)
The Awakening by Joy Nash (August 07)
The Gathering by Jennifer Ashley (Sept 07)

The story takes place in an alternate present-day Earth reality. Magic and magical creatures are commonplace and have always been accepted by humans. There are two kinds of magic--Living Magic and Death Magic (guess which one is good!!) The human world relies on the balance between these two forces being maintained. But as the story begins in The Calling, it's clear that Death Magic is outpacing Living Magic. If the trend continues, the human world will descend into chaos and Death Magic creatures such as demons and zombies will reign supreme.

Into this grim scenario, enter the witches of the Coven of Light. These powerful women practice Living Magic. They are determined to stop the spread of Death Magic and restore the balance of the world, but the Death Magic is spreading so rapidly the task seems hopeless. Then they discover an ancient legend that may point them to the solution. The legend of the Immortals.

The Immortals are five big, hunky, large-sword-carrying Warriors who cannot be killed. Created at the dawn of civilization, the Immortals were charged by the Mother Goddess to protect the infant human race. Their task was to battle Death Magic, giving the humans a fighting chance to grow and develop. Humans were given a spell--The Calling--that enabled their witches and shamans to call the Immortals at need. For more than a thousand years, the Immortals fulfilled this duty. Then, during the Middle Ages, Tain, the youngest of the Immortals, disappeared.

His four brothers searched, to no avail. Meanwhile, the work of the Immortals was dwindling. Due to expansion of human settlements and the persecution of witches by the expanding Church, the Immortals were called less and less. Eventually they disappeared from human consciousness.

But now the Coven of Light has rediscovered the existence of the Immortals. They realize the Warriors are their only hope. For the balance of magic in the human world is being tipped by one of their own.

Seven hundred years ago, Tain, the most sensitive and human of the five brothers, was tricked by a vengeful witch, who had him magically imprisoned and tortured. Tain remained bound even after her death, unable to break free of her spells.

In that time, Tain went slowly and completely mad.

Now, incredibly, Tain, scarred in both body and soul, has broken free. He has one goal: to end his own life and put a halt to his suffering. But he's an Immortal, unable to die, right? Well, there's a catch (isn't there always?). Immortals are sustained by Living Magic. Because of this, if the Living Magic drains entirely from the human world, they can die. So this is what Tain has set out to do.

There are many, many Death Magic creatures willing to help him. Some have their own agendas. But one thing is clear--with the Living Magic gone, the human world will be a living hell. Human will be slaves to the creatures of evil.

Unless four witches can locate the remaining four warriors.

And even if they do, will it be enough to defeat Tain and his minions?

Immortals is going to be a fantastic series! The books will be hot and sexy and brimming with magic and action. I'll discuss the individual books in future blogs, so be sure to check back from time to time to learn more about the Immortal Warriors and their big...


Until next Friday...

Joy Nash


Blogger Mitch said...

Wow, sounds awesome! Really, I don't know why I even bother making a book budget, I never stick to it.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Joy Nash said...

Mitch, I can sure sympathize about the book budget thing. Mine has to be astronomical--which is the reason I never add it up!

6:45 PM  

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