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» Friday, May 05, 2006

LOST in thought...

What a shocker on LOST this week!

Sawyer and Ana Lucia going at it like monkeys, then Michael gunning Ana and Libby down in cold blood! At least Ana Lucia got lucky before biting the dust (snicker). But will Hurley ever forgive himself for forgetting the picnic blankets?

From the previews for next week, it's clear that at least one bullet-ridden woman is dead, if not both. Honestly, I'm not too sorry to see Ana Lucia go. Hard to warm up to someone who's as trigger happy as she is. But the mystery of how Libby the "clinical psychologist" was really a loony in the bin with Hurley was just getting started. I want to know how she got out and if she stalked Hurley to Australia!

And here's another plea--more of Sayid, PLEASE! Naveen Andrews is so hot with his bedroom eyes, sultry accent and yummy muscles--can't the LOST producers give him more than a couple of lines every six shows?

Theories on Michael Turned Bad--obviously he's either brainwashed or working under threat of Walt being killed. He seems to be bent on inciting a war between the Oceanic survivors and the "Others." But why do the Others want this?

Actually, I'm beginning to think there are two groups of "Others." One is a group of hapless survivors from another disaster similar to the plane crash who have been on the island for years longer than the Oceanic survivors have. The other is a group of Dharma Initiative scientist Puppetmasters, led by the "Brilliant Unforgiving Man" who has been alluded to by the fake Henry Gale and "Bluebeard."

What is the Island? There are a lot of theories floating around the Internet that the survivors are all really dead and living in a dream that will allow them to resolve their baggage and move on to heaven. Or that the whole thing is Walt's dream while sleeping on the plane with his comic book and they haven't really crashed at all. IMO, these theories SUCK! I really hope neither is correct. It would be the ultimate cop-out to have a trite spiritual resolution or a Wizard of Oz rip-off end to the series.

I favor a natural phenomena/government conspiracy theory. The Outback shaman healer that Bernard took Rose to alluded that healing power was connected to certain power places on the Earth and that his place wasn’t the right one for Rose. But the island is the right place for Rose, and Locke, and Jin, who were all healed of various afflictions (cancer, paralysis, impotency).

I think the island is a natural power place, maybe vibrating a little out of sinc with the rest of reality, so it's not on the map. The power could be associated with a natural magnetic anomaly. The island is connected to various other power points in the world, and creatures and people can get sucked to the island from anywhere (Nigeria for the heroine smugglers, North Pole for the polar bear, Atlantic Ocean for the Black Rock pirate ship, Pacific Ocean for the French scientists and the Oceanic flight). Sometime in the Sixties, a group of scientists funded by some government (US? Korea?) discovered the island and established a research base there, constructing the hatches and the "security systems".

Everything that has gone on since then has been administered by Puppetmasters. Various groups have been lured to the Island and are being experimented on. Obviously, there's someone watching the Oceanic survivors--they recently parachuted in a supply of food!

The Puppermasters seem to keep naughty and nice lists of the survivors. Henry Gale said Locke was good, Ana was bad but they thought they could change her. The kids are good, and get taken first. What constitutes "good"? Natural psychic power? If that's the case, why would Ana be able to change from bad to good? Did she have some latent talent?

All of this is, of course, awesomely interesting and obsession-forming, but you want to know what my biggest question is?

Where did DESMOND the HATCH GUY go?

And how come no one on the show ever wonders about him? They haven't said a word since he disappeared. Desmond seemed to think the world had been destroyed/was contaminated and hadn't had any contact with anyone for years before Jack and Locke got into the hatch. So he couldn't have run to the Others. But as soon as he got Locke to push the button, he swiped all the vaccine in the hatch and ran off as if he sure as hell knew where he was going. According to Locke, his tracks just vanished.

Where is Desmond? I want him back. I liked his accent, and he has to have some answers.

Until Next Friday...

Joy Nash


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