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» Friday, January 27, 2006

The Grail King cover art is here!

The cover art for my August Love Spell book, The Grail King, arrived yesterday. Isn't it gorgeous? The misty blue atmosphere and the crimson letter vividly capture the tone of the book, which is a paranormal historical romance set in Britain and Wales. Those of you familiar with my previous book, Celtic Fire, will recognize some of The Grail King characters. The new book takes place some thirteen years after the events in the earlier book.

The Grail King is Owein, a Celtic Druid and Seer with a brutal past. His rival in love is Marcus Aquila, a Roman blacksmith. The heroine, Clara Sempronia, is the daughter of the Roman commander who ordered Owein's village destroyed. Clara needs Owein's help to retrieve a magic Grail (yes, it's "the" Holy Grail). Owein wants the Grail for himself and his people - will he betray Clara's trust to get it?

The Grail King is the first book in my new series with Dorchester, the Druids of Avalon series. After generations of persecution, the Druids have returned to the mystical island of Avalon. Can they retain their legacy of Light? Or will encroaching Darkness cause them to abandon their ideals?

Keep an eye on for upcoming sneak peeks, free short story tie-ins, and a very special reader contest! I'll be giving away a custom sterling silver pendant bearing the Druids of Avalon logo...sign up for my reader newsletter and you'll be the first to know the details!

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Blogger Jolie Mathis said...


I love the cover! Gorgeous!

I can't wait to read THE GRAIL KING. I loved CELTIC FIRE. :)

11:59 AM  
Blogger sybil said...

wow great cover! I am shocked it is a Love Spell and no naked bodies in site ;).

I still have Celtic Fire to tbr but good to know they don't directly follow each other. I thought this was a sequel.

Sounds great!

8:16 AM  
Blogger Sylvia Day said...

It's a beautiful cover! But the best part is YOUR NAME! lol It's HUGE!

Congrats!! I can't wait to read it. :)

12:50 PM  
Blogger Joy Nash said...

Yeah, a Love Spell with no naked bodies in sight! What's the world coming to? LOL My editor said she was looking for a wider appeal for my Druids of Avalon series. I hope the romance readers will still show up, because the story is every bit as romantic (read: hot) as Celtic Fire.

The Druid books are set in the same world as Celtic Fire, but more than a decade has passed. Marcus and Owein are rivals in The Grail King. And Lucius and Rhiannon have a daughter, Breena, who will be taking a bigger and bigger role as the series unfolds.

As for my big name??? I've discovered a short name is an advantage for an author - the shorter the name, the bigger, always a good thing.

7:44 AM  

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