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» Friday, December 30, 2005

It's almost 2006 and I can't hold out any longer

Here begins my Friday Night Reflections

What to expect? My take on the paranormal, original, bizarre, humorous, and wildly romantic. I'll update every Friday with a picture and a post, unless I'm kidnapped by wild Huns or Josh Holloway.

Tonight's reflection...

The new King Kong movie. Definitely bizarre, and Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll didn't suck, either. KK is a worth a look, if your butt can stand 3+ hours in a theater without getting numb. Personally, I could have done without the dinosaurs. I mean, really, given the option of trapping a dinosaur or a giant gorilla and transporting it back to New York for fame and fortune, which one would *you* pick? I'm guessing not the gorilla.

My hands-down favorite part of the movie? The giant, fanged, man-eating aquatic leech thingies. Call me gruesome, but those creatures were just too cool.



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