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» Tuesday, August 19, 2008

50 Books Day 8

Three books will be given away today!

Tues Aug 19
Fantasy Book Critic Blog
Novel Thoughts Blog
Magical Seduction Blog

Wednesday's Giveaway (Aug 20)
A Book Blogger's Diary

Winners so far:
7. Fierce Romance - awaiting winner confirmation
6. Romance Junkies - awaiting winner confirmation
5. The Romance Studio - awaiting winner confirmation
4. Romance With Sheila Stewart - Anna M. from Ohio
3. Ellen Ashe's website/blog - Cheryl M. from Nova Scotia, Canada
2. Wickedly Romantic Blog - awaiting winner confirmation
1. Joy Nash website - Ann U. from Pennsylvania

Please note: as I'm all out of Advance Reader Copies of The Crossing, I'll be mailing the autographed copies of The Crossing to the winners in mid-September, the instant the books arrive from the printers (typically about two weeks before release). Thanks for understanding!

Good luck!


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Blogger Susan B. said...


Today's blog states the end time as [Giveaway ends midnight CST of August 19th.]. Didn't know if you were aware of this. I posted but it maybe too late.

Thank you,
Susan B.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Joy Nash said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Susan. Unfortunately, I'm not up on the fine details of all the individual blog sites' rules, and goofed on today's giveaway. So as I noted on website contest page, it's to check in advance with each of the websites if possible, since rules vary.

I've contacted A Book Blogger's Diary to see if it would be possible to include today's entries in her drawing, if she hasn't picked a winner yet.


3:50 PM  
Blogger Joy Nash said...

Just got word that A Book Blogger's Diary is extending its entry deadline until midnight tonite (please check ABBD for time zone!)

Good luck!


5:17 PM  

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